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About Us

From a Love for Crafts to a Brand Modern Moms Trust  

    Pikka Baby started as a passion for crafts and design in 2016. Nurtured from a mother’s desire to create cute pieces for her children, Pikka Baby grew to become a children’s brand for the modern day mom. Today, Pikka Baby designs and creates, fun, colorful and comfortable premium clothing for young children. Our dream is to design aesthetic pieces that modern moms will be proud to dress their children in.  


    Combining Fun and Practicality is What We Do Best 

    Finding the balance between fun and practicality when designing children’s clothing is our strong point at Pikka Baby. We don’t just make clothes for comfort; we ensure that a lot of thought goes into each piece and, we find a way to let every Pikka child have fun with our clothing by introducing colorful patterns, vibrant colors and everything that children love.


    We Are the Masters of Child-friendly Décor 

    Our décor pieces are safe, stimulating, colorful and child-friendly. They come in different shapes and sizes and are creatively designed to help children play, explore and learn. Our pieces inspire creativity and encourage curiosity – two important elements for proper mental stimulation and development 


    Style that Remains True for All Seasons 

    Our pieces are designed as classics and our styles stay relevant in and out of season. Our designs are modern, fresh and evergreen. We create styles that children can rock year in year out and, we ensure that every piece is a timeless masterpiece. 


    Quality is The Pikka Baby Hallmark 

    We take quality seriously at Pikka Baby and our standards of quality are high. We only use carefully selected high-quality fabrics to produce every piece and, we take extra care in ensuring that each item of clothing is well made. We pride our brand on durability, value, and quality. We also go the extra mile to ensure that there are no compromises in standards.